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Role of Spiritual Parents:

1. Guidance and Mentorship: Spiritual parents provide direction and advice on spiritual matters, helping to navigate the complexities of life, faith and personal growth. Their experience and wisdom can offer clarity in times of confusion or spiritual seeking.

Because their wisdom is old - As an apostle, we have A fathering spirit, and our wisdom comes from the ancient of days. We have wisdom beyond our years and experience

2. Teaching and Discipleship: They often take on the role of teachers, imparting knowledge, spiritual disciplines, and the principles of faith. Through discipleship, they help SC deepen their relationship with God and understand their faith more profoundly.

3. Emotional and Spiritual Support: In times of struggle, doubt, or crisis, spiritual parents can offer a listening ear, comforting presence, and prayers for strength and guidance, providing a sense of stability and reassurance.

4. Modeling Faith: By living out their faith authentically, spiritual parents serve as role models, demonstrating how to integrate spiritual beliefs into everyday life and relationships.

5. Fostering Community They often play a key role in building and maintaining a sense of community and belonging within a faith group and family, encouraging connections among members and fostering a supportive spiritual family.

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