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Peace of Mind

From The Associate Pastor’s Desk 

What is peace of mind?   Merriam-webster says that peace of mind is a feeling of being safe or protected.   

Remez Sasson says that, "Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness, which you can learn to cultivate.  It is a stated peace, happiness, and a sense of freedom.  A person with a peaceful mind has more control over his or her thoughts, moods and feelings, and can more easily reject negative, bothering or unwanted thoughts."   

Philippians 4:7 says… "the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (NIV)


Apostle Paul, in the book of Philippians needed to address an issue among the people that he co-labored with in the gospel work.  Two women, perhaps deaconesses, who differed on some unknown point, needed to be reminded how to conduct themselves when having disagreement or conflict. 


In verse 2 of chapter 4, Paul beseeches the same women to be of the same mind in the Lord!  He also sought the assistance of others…true yokefellows…to ensure that these women were successful in resolving their issues. 


When it comes to conflict, whether at home, on the job, in any type of relationship or even within ourselves, we must understand that conflict is inevitable at some point or another.  We cannot avoid it; and should view conflict as opportunities for personal growth! 


Paul shares some key elements to achieving peace of mind when in conflict.


He says that we are to first pray!  Pray about everything!  During times of anxiety, stressful situations or turmoil…PRAY!  God can and will respond when we experience these times of difficulty! 


He instructs us to be considerate in ALL that we do!  He encourages us not to worry but to be thankful for all God has done! 


Once that happens, then we WILL begin to experience God's peace which will exceed anything we could ever imagine or understand! 


His peace will help us to guard our hearts for it determines the course of our lives! Proverbs 4:23


His peace will guard our minds in Christ Jesus for it will help us to remember that we should practice an attitude of reasonableness, show love and foster unity with others. 


Having the mind of Christ when we are faced with disagreement or conflict within ourselves or someone else will require some kind of mind control most times; the kind of mind control that only the peace of God can give! 


Do you have a peace that passes all understanding when things are well or in turmoil?  Do you have control over your thoughts and emotions?  Can you reject negative, bothering or unwanted thoughts?  If not, pray and seek help!  We can learn to achieve this state of mind!


Remember that Jesus left us a gift; peace of mind and heart; which is our portion!  The kind of peace that Jesus gives is a gift the world cannot give!  So there is no need to be troubled nor afraid! John 14:27. (NLT)



~ Deloris Davis, Associate Pastor


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Tasha Ross
Tasha Ross
Sep 19, 2022

Thank you Lord for your peace.

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